Wigs For Cancer Patients

 Dealing with effects of cancer,chemotherapy,radiotherapy,alopchia.

Female cancer patients who could use a confidence boost might want a way  to "Look Good... Feel Better".  They might want to think about having a makeover session and a chance to try on different wig styles to create a different look. At Body Beautiful in Hull East Yorkshire we can help with making you feel better about your self at a time when you may be feeling at your lowest, because as we all know keeping a positive outlook is one of  a the main things you can do as a person.


Help with looks

With help cancer patients can enhance their appearance , especially for women undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.  Our beauticians can use makeup, wigs and other accessories to  help you look like your self again, restoring your self-image, confidence and sense of control. Or if you wish become someone else entirely its all up to you.

Its no secret that among the side effects cancer patients must endure are changes to their appearance; we can help empower female cancer patients to regain their pre-cancer look.

At body beautiful  we can show you makeup application and skin care techniques as well as nail care and how to contend with hair loss

Body beautiful empowers cancer patients to regain control of their appearance and, in doing so, improve their confidence. Check out transformations gallery page


Maybe time for a change


In our homes we have a reality show that we really enjoy watching. They all get dressed up every week and come out and dance. It is fun to watch the dancing and see what the next move is, but what is more amazing is to watch the different looks they come up with. Sometimes these women who have really long hair all of a sudden have a bobbed hair look. Then the next week they have a new colour of hair.

One week on the show they went behind the scenes and they got talking about all of the different wigs they go through for all of the different looks. For this scenario they are using wigs for a dress up look and more of a shock factor to get people's attention. For others wigs are a necessity due to fighting cancer, transsexuals  losing their hair or other different circumstances that cause people to lose their hair.

This is a real problem and a concern for people and they want to have an option to look beautiful and have hair to help them get through this difficult situation. For most people they don't know where to look for wigs since it is a new experience so it is nice to have the option to have a service like Body Beautiful in Hull that offers personal advice and care.

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